Design and print customized portable shoe horns that fit in your wallet.

Made of a flexible material, ShuCards are very simple and intuitive to use. With a folding finger hold cut at one end, the shoe card is easily gripped on one end as the other end comfortably forms around the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe, providing an effortless sliding motion of your foot into any shoe.

The New Shoehorn

With the increasing popularity of fashion footwear and increasing market for high-end shoes, there is a desire to preserve the condition of costly and collectible footwear for longer life of their truly valued fashion shoes.


The shoehorn has been a very useful tool for over a century in aiding the sometimes uncomfortable act of putting on one's shoes. With many different iterations of the shoehorn over the years, the one key element that each were lacking, was their portability. Often clunky and stiff, they are not easy to carry.


With options of economy and deluxe surfaces and thicknesses; and the ability of full color printing, we can offer a very vibrant and useful marketing tool that your customers will want to keep and reuse many times over. Also, with added features such as writable surfaces, QR Codes, magnetic strips, and holes for use as tags, ShuCards can adapt our products to suit your custom needs.


With the advent of new modern materials and printing technologies, ShuCards was able to design an innovative portable shoehorn that fits in your wallet. Made with a combination of plastics and printed surfaces, we are able to offer a durable product that customers are likely to keep and reuse many times over, offering a vital marketing opportunity at the very prime level of every consumer's spending, their wallet.